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What this is?

Simple launcher is an home applet for Maemo based systems.

By default you will have to navigate to your application through the menu system Hildon Desktop offers. However there is certainly a number of applications that you run most often. This small applet allows you to run your favourite applications with just one click (one click seems to be quite popular these days :))


You can check the 'Files' section at garage. All releases should be available there.

The current release — 0.9.5 — is available for direct download.


After you installed the applet, you need to open home application menu, click on 'Select applets…', click on checkbox next to 'Simple Launcher', and press 'OK'. You will be put into 'Edit Layout' mode where you can select the location and the size of the applet. After you are happy with with the settings, click on green checkbox button at the top right corner. Now you can configure the applet: open the menu, select 'Applet settings', and choose 'Launcher settings…'. In the dialog you should now see, you can select the applications you want to use as well as order them according to your preferences. When you are done, press 'OK'.

Note: if you upgrade the applet, you must re-boot the device, otherwise the old version will be used by maemo-af-desktop/hildon-desktop :)


Bug Reports/Feature Requests

Please use the tracker at garage.

Subversion Repository Access

You can find instructions at SCM page @ garage or you can simply browse the svn repository.
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